Week 2 of Eldritch Moon Standard has come and gone. The Starcitygames.com Standard Open in Baltimore didn’t provide too many surprises, with Bant Company being far and away the most popular deck in day 2. Eventually, the tournament wasn’t taken down by Spell Queller. Osyp Lebedowicz took home the trophy, piloting G/W Tokens, and defeating Zachary Plott on the Bant menace in the Finals. The top 8 featured 4 total Bant Company decks, Osyp’s G/W Tokens, G/U Crush, Abzan Oath, and B/W Angels.

As a quick aside, I played against the G/U Crush pilot, Cory Dissinger, at an event recently. He has been playing this deck for (as far as I’m aware) the entirety of Standard. I talked to him afterwards and he said that the deck wasn’t there yet and he was hoping for some goodies from Eldritch Moon. It seems that he has gotten his wish. Before you try this deck, I suggest that you become incredibly fluid with it, as Cory has. Now back to this weekend.

The total top 32 contained 17 copies of Bant Company. People are, understandably, worried about the health of the format. When a deck is this popular, whether or not it’s even that good, the format becomes stale quickly, and people get bored with Standard. To those people, I say to watch the Pro Tour. There is no doubt in my mind that the Pro Tour players are keeping a very close eye on the results of tournaments, and will have decks to beat Bant Company. If the hours that they put into finding a deck to beat Bant Company is all for naught and most pros play the deck, then it may be time to panic.

If you are looking for a deck to beat Bant Company, look no further than the other decks in top 8. I can’t speak well for G/U Crush’s matchup versus Bant Company, but I can say that G/W Tokens, Abzan Oath, and B/W Angels are all positive against Bant. Abzan Oath, specifically, I believe to be a really good choice for the Pro Tour this coming weekend. It has the efficiently costed black removal and Languish that is good against Bant Company, and it has Planeswalkers which provide staying power and inevitability against the other decks in the room that are trying to beat Bant Company.

This format isn’t broken quite yet folks. This weekend is the Pro Tour, the true test of a format. Countless hours will be poured into deck choices, builds, and testing, and all the hard work will be shown this Friday through Sunday. Many people are worried about Bant Company’s predicted dominance of the Pro Tour. Me, personally? I’m not sure I’ve ever been this excited about a Pro Tour in a while.

For some changes to the Pro Tour you’ll want to know about before this weekend, click here.

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