Standard isn’t broken! Bant Company has officially been tamed, or at least cooled off to a reasonable level with the results of Pro Tour Eldritch Moon this past weekend. Among many others who were successful in targeting the Bant menace, Lukas Blohon was able to take the entire tournament down with a deck that many people presumed to be dead, B/W Control. In Shadows over Innistrad Standard, B/W Control was a deck that many people enjoyed playing, but it struggled against the decks that were popular in the format. Blohon only added one Eldritch Moon card to the archetype, but it clear that the advent of Liliana, the Last Hope helped the archetype immensely. Next to Emrakul, the Promised End, and Ishkanah, Grafwidow, the black Planeswalker was probably the most influential card of the tournament from Eldritch Moon.

In the finals, Blohon took down Hall of Famer-elect Owen Turtenwald, piloting Temur Emerge, in 3 straight games. Elsewhere in this incredibly stacked top 8, Luis Scott-Vargas and the Bant Company menace were stopped by Owen Turtenwald in the semifinals, Sam Pardee’s B/G Delirium couldn’t handle Blohon’s B/W Control deck in the other semifinal, and Andrew Brown, Ken Yukuhiro, Yuta Takahashi, and Reid Duke could not make it past the quarterfinals, piloting Temur Emerge, R/G Ramp, Bant Company, and R/G Ramp respectively. Now, where does Standard go from here?

Pro Tour results always have a massive impact on the Standard metagame for the duration of its existence. I would argue that the decks that top 8’d are in fact less important than the decks that had a good showing, but their pilot couldn’t cut the mustard in Limited. Thankfully, Wizards of the Coast provides us with the decklists that did well in Standard, regardless of their pilot’s final standing. The following archetypes had a pilot only pick up one loss playing the deck: Temur Emerge, R/G Ramp, U/R Burn, W/r Humans, Jund Delirium twice, Bant Company, and B/G Delerium. To make it a little more simple: 3 Delirium decks, 2 Emrakul Ramp decks, 1 Bant Company, 1 W/r Humans, and 1 Burn. Obviously, the most unexpected deck in here is the Thermo-Alchemist Burn deck. On the surface, this deck seems terrible, but it must be said that Burn is an uninteractive deck that is fantastic against slower decks like the Delirium and Emerge decks that are not prepared for it.

Here is what I expect the Standard metagame to look like going forward:

Tier 1

  • B/W Control
  • B/G Delirium
  • Temur Emerge
  • Bant Company

Tier 2

  • R/G Ramp
  • W/r Humans
  • U/R Burn
  • G/W Tokens
  • U/B Zombies

This weekend, we will see how Standard evolves following Pro Tour Eldritch Moon at Grand Prix Portland and Grand Prix Rimini. Not a fan of Standard? This weekend is also the Open Series in Syracuse, which puts Modern on display.

For a tournament report from our very own Zack Kanner about his top 8 at the last Open in Baltimore, click here.

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