Modern is getting a little stale, and Blue Moon might just be the deck to shake it up.

If you don’t remember, here’s a good list for reference, played by Nicolo Pensa at Mega DZ Series Milan.

Lands (21)

2 Sulfur Falls

2 Steam Vents

4 Scalding Tarn

1 Flooded Strand

2 Mountain

7 Island

2 Misty Rainforest

1 Polluted Delta

Creatures (7)

2 Goblin Dark-Dwellers

1 Pia and Kiran Nalaar

4 Snapcaster Mage

Spells (32)

1 Dismember

1 Roast

3 Spell Snare

3 Remand

2 Mana Leak

4 Lightning Bolt

2 Electrolyze

1 Cryptic Command

4 Blood Moon

2 Batterskull

1 Flame Slash

1 Anger of the Gods

2 Serum Visions

4 Ancestral Vision

1 Logic Knot

Sideboard (15)

1 Izzet Staticaster

1 Spellskite

1 Dragon’s Claw

1 Molten Rain

1 Vendilion Clique

1 Jace, Architect of Thought

1 Wurmcoil Engine

1 Vandalblast

1 Pyroclasm

1 Shatterstorm

2 Negate

2 Dispel

1 Spreading Seas

I think the reason this deck could be on the comeback is two-fold; one is where the modern metagame is shifting right now, and the other is the powerful new additions in Blue Moon that make the deck more powerful on every level.

First, let’s talk about the metagame. Jund, Affinity, Suicide Zoo, Burn, and Infect make up a rough tier 1 right now in the metagame, and frankly one of the big takeaways we should get from this is that there are actually a lot fewer Lightning Bolts running around, and instead we just see a lot of decks trying to do the most degenerate things possible. Burn, Eldrazi, Infect, Suicide Zoo, and Dredge are just trying to do ridiculous things as fast as they can. Control really isn’t keeping up, with Jeskai Nahiri and Grixis Control’s numbers decreasing, we see now and will continue to see a large increase in the prevalence of combo decks because nothing is keeping them in check. So, while Blue Moon might not have a great matchup against all of the decks mentioned, it is a leaner and meaner control deck that takes advantage of cards and strategies that can give it leverage in any matchup. Blue Moon came to power originally by leveraging the power of Blood Moon to be able to gain some time and have the card advantage to gain control of the game state, while also frequently just winning the game because Blood Moon is an unbeatable card in some matchups. Blue Moon also is taking advantage of some newer cards introduced into Modern that are insanely powerful. I’m gonna take the time to talk about some of the newer additions now.

Ancestral Vision

This card is obviously insane, however a lot of blue decks have just been jamming it into their main deck without appropriate synergies or ways to abuse it. However, in Blue Moon it is clear that not only is Ancestral Vision what you want to be doing on turn one, it is also synergizes very well with one of your most powerful new cards; Goblin Dark-Dwellers. This makes Goblin Dark-Dwellers basically five mana 4/4 menace that draws three cards, which if the Blue Moon deck is appropriately slowing the gamestate, is usually going to crush the opponent. Ancestral Vision has certainly found a very powerful home in this deck.

Goblin Dark-Dwellers

Not only can this big body fight the good fight and get into the red zone for some damage, it can also abuse the powerful instants and sorceries that you have been casting all game to stay in the game. Ancestral Vision and Electrolyze and prime targets for this ability. Goblin Dark Dwellers is the greatest thing for these cards since sliced islands.

Pia and Kirin Nalaar

This card is very powerful. If Pia and Kirin live to turn 5, then you are going to have the ability to hold up Shock for as long as you want for the rest of the game which is extremely important in this metagame. It could kill anything from an Inkmoth Nexus to a Goblin Guide. Pia and Kirin may only be a one of in this list, however it is competing for a not very competitive four-drop slot, which is one of that can be very key to stabilizing the gamestate in this metagame.

Cards to Consider

I’ll finish of with just a quick list of cards that you might want to consider.

Vedalken Shackles

Spreading Seas

More Anger of the Gods

Thing in the Ice // Awoken Horror

Keranos, God of Storms

Izzet Charm

This deck could see a major resurgence in the coming weeks, with 2 Opens and an Invitational all featuring Modern within the next 2 weekends. We’ll just have to wait and see.


For another Modern deck that I think is very well-positioned in this metagame, click here.

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