Today I’m going to talk to you all about some sweet Kaladesh mechanics and tell you my initial thoughts on each of them, and I’ll finish with my top three cards for each mechanic (focusing mostly on limited). Mechanics are important to conceptualizing a set, which is something that helps us use the cards regardless of what format we play them in.

Firstly, I would like to just make a note about the creation of the term “create”, which I think is an excellent change. For a long time, the wording around tokens was confusing to newer players and didn’t fit flavorfully with what making tokens actually was. “Create” does a good job of this, so props to Wizards of the Coast. See “create” here:


As a side note, I feel that all of the Kaladesh mechanics are sweet in their own ways, but I do also think that we may be seeing an over-saturation of keywords. New game mechanics are great, but with the desire to sell more packs, we see Wizards somewhat trying to force new mechanics when none are really necessary. What I mean by this is that there are old keywords and mechanics that would have been a good fit for Kaladesh, but instead we get only new ones. No complaints with cool new mechanics, I just wish we could have also seen some old favorites.

For a more broad look at how the mechanics themselves will play in limited, read this article from Roman Fusco.

Regardless, here are the mechanics of Kaladesh.


Fabricate is a mechanic that allows a creature when it comes into play to either put a certain number of +1/+1 counters on it or create that number of 1/1 Servo tokens. The strange thing about this mechanic is that it seems as if in most cases you want to be making Servo tokens. We have discovered over time in Magic that it is not nearly as beneficial to have one big creature as it is to have a bunch of smaller creatures. Additionally, there are many “artifacts-matter” cards in Kaladesh, and the Servos are artifacts, giving more incentive to choose that “mode”.

It seems like Fabricate is mainly a mechanic for the sake of being a mechanic that fits the world, rather then a mechanic to add something new and inventive to the game. Interestingly, the mechanic is eerily similar to Sandsteppe Outcast from Fate Reforged, which was a card that was a solid common. When people played Sandsteppe Outcast in that format, everybody almost always made a spirit and rarely ever put the counter on it. Anyway, Fabricate seems like an odd mechanic, but a super powerful Fabricate card is still going to be a game-changer and fun to play with.


Vehicles enter the game as a keyword directly tied to the mechanic Crew. Crew allows you to tap creatures that have total power of X or greater, which will turn the Vehicle into an artifact creature until the end of the turn. The Vehicles themselves are just artifacts that can potentially become powerful creatures when they are crewed. Something interesting to note is using Vehicles as blockers because you can simply tap the necessary creatures that may be summing sick to animate the vehicle. Vehicles are also powerful, because if you have a large one or one with evasion, they dodge sorcery speed removal and will gain you an advantage, even though it effectively takes 2 cards to make it (itself plus what is being used to Crew it).


Energy is such a skill testing mechanic, one of the most i’ve seen ever in Magic. Resource management has always been one of the main things that separates grinders from the Pros, and resources spanning over several turns is a very new thing to Magic, but one I’m confident will be fun and difficult. Some Energy cards give you Energy that can enable other cards, while some both make their own Energy and use it. Above is a card that enables your future Energy users, and here’s an example of one of the cards that it can enable:


Energy is a unique mechanic that is very dependent on the cards that you have in play, as some of the Energy related abilities are very powerful, whereas some of them are really mediocre, like +1/+1 counters.

Here are my 3 favorite Kaladesh cards for each new mechanic:

My Top Three Cards of Each Keyword:

1. Demon of Dark Schemes
2. Lathnu Hellion
3. Electrostatic Pummler

1. Skysoverign, Consul Flagship
2. Smuggler’s Copter
3. Cultivator’s Caravan

1. Angel of Invention
2. Cultivator of Blades
3. Propeller Pioneer

Tune in next week for another article! Should I write about Kaladesh limited, Kaladesh Standard, or something else? Let me know in the comments below.

For a look at the Kaladesh cards that will change the shape of Standard, read this article from Zack Kanner.

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