Kaladesh Standard is finally upon us and we have a new SCG Open and FNM to attend this weekend. For a grinder, this is traditionally a hard weekend to put up results, unless you’re Kevin Jones, week 1 Standard master. So let’s look up some and go over some Standard decks that you will likely battle against and some ways to fight against them.

Bant Gearhulks


Another Bant Company deck…err maybe not but something really close to it. With Collected Company rotating out, you get the availability to play more spells in the deck. This deck is really powerful and will be out in force this weekend. Verdurous Gearhulk paired with any creature and Tamiyo, Field Reasearcher is a dangerous combination. This deck can attack on many different levels and will probably punish most of the other midrange decks it faces. With access to Gearhulks, Servant of Conduit, and Reflector Mage, Essence Flux gives this deck a unique edge. I think this deck can potentially have an issue against a dedicated UW Control deck, but I think this is very well-positioned against an aggro field, since it gums up the board very easily. The sideboard of this deck does a good job into transforming more into a flash deck with 5 potential counterspells and Elder Deep-Fiend. I strongly believe that this deck will do very well in Indianapolis. If you’re undecided as to what to play this weekend, I would break my own rule about playing aggro week 1 and play this.

GB Delirium


I am a big fan of GB Delirium and I believe other people will be when week 1 of Kaladesh arrives. This deck didn’t lose to much from rotation and gained some key cards from the incoming set. That being said, the new cards made some other cards much better, for example Mindwrack Demon. His stats were always good but Reflector Mage always held it back. However, with no more Company, Reflector Mage doesn’t hurt as much as it did. For being an aggressive deck, this deck can battle very well against other aggro decks with its removal suite, and it’s able to play a longer game with its creature recursion. Here is Todd Stevens’ list:




This deck will 100% be out in force this weekend and for good reasons. The deck didn’t lose a single card outside of Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy. I think it gained a lot more than lost to be honest. Filigree Familiar and better mana make this deck look to be a heavyweight of the format. I think Aether Hub will do wonders for the deck by mana fixing and even being able to activate Ishkanah, Grafwidow. For the amount of times this deck can recast an Ishkanah, there’s a good chance you can win by draining an opponent out. Servant of the Conduit is also good regarding for the fact it helps you ramp better than any other creature in the deck. I feel like a hyper aggressive aggro deck will be great against this match up and good choice if you’re expecting a lot of Temurge.

GW Tokens


It’s always very refreshing to see a brand new brew in a brand new Standard….ok maybe not, but why would you fix something that isn’t broken? The deck only lost Hangarback Walker and Secure the Wastes, but the deck gained 2 heavy hitters. I think Skywhaler’s Shot and Verdurous Gearhulk will add so much to the deck. Skywhaler’s Shot can give some good removal for the deck that it was lacking while helping you draw into relevant spells. Verdurous Gearhulk can break a game wide open and win it very quickly. It is essentially another Nissa, Voice of Zendikar‘s minus ability, that comes on a large body. If you’re looking to combat this deck, control is probably a good place to be.

Overall, I think these will be the big decks in week 1 of Standard with Kaladesh, starting this weekend! All are very good and powerful but very beatable. Let me know what you plan to play in the comments below.

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