Now that the first week of Standard is officially wrapped up, let’s go over some of the SCG Indianapolis top 8 lists. There were Scooters, Hotwheels, and Dwarves all over.

1st place – Chris VanMeter R/W Vehicles
Team Cardhoarder’s choice for this weekend was absolutely perfect for the metagame. I am always a big advocate for aggressive decks in an early Standard format, and this deck has some of the best aggressive cards in the format.


Smuggler’s Copter has to be one of the best aggressive cards printed in Magic in a long time. Having a 3/3 flyer that loots in combat for 2 mana is such a premier card for this sort of archetype. Being able to filter your draw steps is crucial to make sure you draw gas to be able to keep your engine going. I also believe that needing to crew this card is a luxury more than hurts you. Being able to dodge sorcery speed removal is perfect when you are scared of Fumigate and Ruinous Path.


The creatures in the deck all play multiple roles here and all are good at helping you get to the finish line. One creature I do want to mention is Depala, Pilot Exemplar. Not only does she function as a lord for your Dwarves (Toolcraft Exemplar) but also for your vehicles, which I don’t even think is her best ability. Her best ability is her “draw ability”. As mentioned before with Smuggler’s Copter, being able to have raw card draw and the ability to refuel after a wrath or a couple of removal spells is real important.

2nd place – Zach Voss Grixis Emerge
This deck has the same feel to it as Sultai Emerge did pre-Kaladesh. There were 2 key additions to this deck that made it tick much better. Perpetual Timepiece is a great addition to the deck since it fuels the graveyard with ”reanimation” effects such as Prized Amalgam and Haunted Dead.

image-37 image-33

It has the same feel as Shriekhorn in Modern, but is probably a tad bit better since you have an unlimited amount of use with it. The second card that the deck got was Scrapheap Scrounger. This card has a couple roles that it plays in this deck. Firstly, it has graveyard recursion built in, which enables Prized Amalgam as well. It is also very aggressive by being a 2 mana 3/2, which can shift the early game in your favor quickly. The last and less relevant ability is that its a great discard to bring back Haunted Dead as well. Its practically free.

4th Place – Jacob Hagen RB Aggro
I think that this deck is probably the most aggressive out of all the ones mentioned in this article. The creatures in the deck are all very aggressive and do a lot for the deck. Bomat Courier is a 1 mana haste creature that enables Inventor’s Apprentice and Unlicensed Disintegration is huge. It also helps you Wheel of Fortune your hand late game when you have a couple of exiled cards under it.

image-38 image-11

This deck is also probably the best home for Pia Nalaar in Standard right now, and another good home for Scrapheap Scrounger as well. This deck is very fast and aggressive, so having a 2 mana 3 power creature that works with the 1 drops in the deck is great. The mana in this deck is excellent, so it is able to have a perfect curve more than not, and not stumble on color-fixing. You also play 12 removal spells here that interact with your opponent as well. Killing your opponent’s only creature can be a massive tempo swing. With the ability to play 6 vehicles, you are also able to get around sorcery speed removal, which gives this type of hyper-aggressive deck a big edge.

I think these 3 aggressively-slanted decks will be around in force in the near future. Only time will tell if any these decks survive and come out in force for the Pro Tour.

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