Overall, it’s been a fantastic year of Magic. New cards, new decks, exciting tournaments, and fun gameplay that everyone was able to enjoy made this a year to remember. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things in this game that can be improved. I always keep a mental list of things that I would love to be changed about Magic. And it’s the holiday season, so if anyone wants to get me a gift for the holidays, here are the 4 things that I want added or changed in Magic in 2017.

#1: More Competitive Events with better payouts.


This one is simple on its surface, but it’s complicated for tournament organizers. With fewer Grand Prix and SCG Opens being run in each of the last two years, we need more events to turn around the trend. It pains me to say this, but I believe that Wizards of the Coast and SCG’s moving to fewer events with larger payouts in each tournament is, in the long run, bad for the competitive side of the game.  For these holidays, I want more of these large events that Wizards and SCG have been moving towards, but with increased payouts. Like many prizes on game shows, the money awarded at Magic tournaments has not scaled with time and payouts simply aren’t sustainable even for big Magic personalities. When you can go 11-4 at a Grand Prix and get absolutely nothing, there is something gravely wrong with the system. This is a very serious problem that needs to be addressed, and if anyone at SCG or Wizards is itching to give me a gift this holiday season, I would appreciate this one.

#2: Modern Masters 2017 cards.


There are some cards that desperately need to be reprinted due to their ridiculous costs, but i’m going to focus on some of the commons and uncommons, mainly because it hurts to spend a lot of money on cards that are listed as common and uncommon. It feels wrong. Cards like Serum Visions (unlikely to be reprinted due to its appearance in the new Conspiracy set), Gitaxian Probe, Path to Exile, Remand, Might of Old Krosa, and many more are the examples of this phenomenon. For this holiday season, I would love it if at least some of these cards were reprinted, it would make me really happy to see some of the financial burden of Magic (especially the Modern format) lifted so that more people can have the opportunity to enjoy the gift of Magic this holiday season. There are so many important cards that need to be reprinted, not to mention the card that this very website is named after. Modern Master 2017 is right around the corner, and I would love some spoilers over the holiday season to wet my appetite.

#3: Something like Frontier


Now, I haven’t played any games of Frontier, and so I feel unequipped to critically evaluate it as a format. However, I do believe that there is certainly room for a format in between Standard and Modern. Standard rotates and is hard to keep up with, is often too stagnant and boring, and the decks just simply aren’t as interesting as they are in Modern and Legacy. I feel that the power level of Standard also fluctuates. The inconsistency in power level is a problem with Standard, but it is excused because the format is always rotating. I think that with this space, I would appreciate a new format that could accommodate some new decks that would stimulate my desire to play Magic. I don’t know if Frontier is the answer to my calling, but it was created to solve a similar grievance to the one that I am expressing here and one that I feel a lot of Magic players are harboring. I’m tired of Standard. It doesn’t have to be a format that’s played on the Pro Tour, but I need something new for me, especially when I have heaps of old Standard cards that are now useless, and stare at me from my desk in disappointment on a daily basis.

#4: Fix Magic Online


Magic Online is the worst piece of software since that Trojan Virus I got that kept changing my desktop wallpaper to a picture of Jonah Gaynor. But seriously, Magic Online doesn’t work. Come on, can it at least be usable on Macs? Why are people forced to file for reimbursement every three or four events? Oh wait a second, it feels like 90 cards are bugged and the Magic Online team have known about it for years. Now Gleemox is unbanned, this program is ridiculous. It doesn’t work even though it has downtime more often than other games that work infinitely better, MTGO is an enigma that nobody deserves to have to figure out, and it doesn’t work. So, if your looking to buy me something this holiday season, buy me Magic Online V5, which is just Magic the card game, but on your computer without all of the bugs, the awful user interface, and poor public relations. I guess Leagues are cool though, so I’ll probably be playing regardless.

These are my 4 biggest wishes for Magic this holiday season. I think that each would greatly improve the game we love.

Happy holidays to all, thank you for reading my articles this year, and I’m excited for things to come in 2017!


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