Amidst all the Modern Masters hype and double Standard Grand Prix weekend, there was a hidden gem in the center of all the chaos:

Our first Amonkhet Spoiler!

And it looks…well…


The art is spectacular, don’t get me wrong, but I’m going to have to turn my head every time I have to read one of these new cards. The formatting is so strange…

The mechanic itself is really intriguing though, and gives me hope for Amonkhet Standard. Cards with Aftermath (or Consequence, depending on the translation) function almost like flashback spells. Remember these guys?

Although I was a newer player when Innistrad first came out, I only heard positive things about flashback. Flashback enables you to have some extra value out of your spells, and can be a great tool in grindy, midrange mirrors – which I hope will be the direction Amonkhet is taking Standard in.

So let’s talk about Dusk//Dawn on its own. Dusk acts as a weaker Wrath of God, but only destroying creatures with power 3 or greater. Note this doesn’t hit vehicles or Gideon, Ally of Zendikar. With this card being spoiled, it’s possible Amonkhet will have a flurry of big menacing creatures, similar to Siege Rhino or Polukranos, World Eater from a Standard formats not too long ago. Dusk allows your White-Weenie strategies to have a way to deal with these menacing green creatures while allowing you some reach in longer games in the form of Dawn.

There are many limitations of this card, assuming nothing changes with the next Banned & Restricted announcement. Dusk//Dawn doesn’t hit Gideon, Ally of Zendikar, any of the vehicles, or Felidar Gaurdian. Hopefully this card will be a major player in the next Standard season assuming Gideon and Felidar Guardian get banned, since having those cards in the format restricts this card (and many others) heavily.

I assume Dusk//Dawn will not be the most powerful Aftermath card, and I’m curious to see what other types of Aftermath cards will be printed in the next block. Maybe a red card that deals damage and allows you to filter when you Aftermath it. Maybe a blue bounce spell that allows you to draw cards. Maybe green will get a Call of the Herd-type effect. Although only one card has been spoiled, there’s tons of speculation to be done on what clues it gives us for Amonkhet.

I’m personally hoping Amonket will balance Standard and give us a return to grindy midrange decks, similar to the time of Abzan Midrange/Control not too long ago. Will Dusk//Dawn be a major player? Only time will tell.

That does it for this week, I’ll be sure to cover any additional spoilers as soon as they’re leaked! I’m definitely excited for Amonkhet, are you?

Much love and cheers,


While you’re waiting for Amonkhet to shake up Standard, why not play a deck a little off the beaten path that looks to be making a name for itself in this format. You can read a primer on Temur Tower here from Jonah Gaynor.

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