Scrap Trawler Eggs by darkestmage on MtGO

Creatures (7)
1 Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
2 Hangarback Walker
4 Scrap Trawler

Non-Creature Spells (36)
4 Ancient Stirrings
2 Thoughtcast
4 Chromatic Sphere
4 Chromatic Star
2 Engineered Explosives
2 Everflowing Chalice
4 Ichor Wellspring
4 Krark-Clan Ironworks
2 Mind Stone
4 Mox Opal
4 Terrarion

Lands (17)
1 Academy Ruins
2 Aether Hub
4 Darksteel Citadel
1 Forest
2 Inventors’ Fair
4 Sanctum of Ugin
3 Spire of Industry

Sideboard (15)
2 Defense Grid
3 Ghirapur Aether Grid
1 Nature’s Claim
2 Nihil Spellbomb
2 Pyroclasm
1 Seal of Primordium
2 Wear / Tear
2 Wurmcoil Engine


Since the banning of Second Sunrise, the Eggs archetype in Modern has been all but absent from the format. The banning came when tournaments were regularly going over time every single round and players found themselves watching their opponent play Magic for 20 minutes while they twiddled their thumbs. However, it looks like it may be time for a resurgence in the unique Modern combo deck, this time without the banned Second Sunrise or the remaining “Sunrise” effect, Faith’s Reward.

This iteration of the Eggs archetype has all of the usual cast of characters that we know and love, but the main innovation comes from an innocuous 3 mana artifact creature from Aether Revolt, Scrap Trawler. The innovation of Scrap Trawler allows this deck to completely forgo Faith’s Reward and the unexciting Open the Vaults. It is an impressive 2 card engine in this deck when combined with Krark-Clan Ironworks, KCI for short. You can sacrifice an artifact, return another artifact, use the mana created by KCI, cast the card you just got back, get mana off of that, draw cards along the way, and eventually draw enough cards and create enough mana to win.

The way this deck wins is also very different from the traditional Eggs deck that Stanislav Cifka dominated Pro Tour Return to Ravnica with. Instead of Pyrite Spellbomb or Grapeshot, it wins via Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. Sanctum of Ugin in combination with Hangarback Walker for 4 or greater allows you to search for Emrakul and use all of the mana you have accumulated during your combo turn.

The sideboard for this deck is a combination of cards that answer the usual disruption elements found in the format, and specific hate cards for troublesome matchups. Defense Grid is a frequently overlooked card for combo decks in this format, and it is perfect for this deck, as it can be found by Ancient Stirrings or Inventors’ Fair. In a similar way, Nihil Spellbomb can be searched up against Dredge, and Wurmcoil Engine can be searched up against Burn, as well as midrange decks that have trouble handling the 6/6.

For those who don’t know, darkestmage is the MtGO handle of well-known streamer Michael Jacob. Since he started playing this deck, he’s been active on his Twitter account, found here,  talking about this deck and how he believes it needs to be banned before it gets out of control. These confident words by Jacob indicate the fantastic power level of this deck. I don’t have nearly the amount of reps with this deck as he does, so I’ll be deferring to him as to what to change.

Here are the changes Michael Jacob would make going forward:


-1 Aether Hub

+1 Spire of Industry


-2 Ghirapur Aether Grid

-1 Seal of Primordium

-1 Nature’s Claim

+2 Blood Moon

+1 Wear / Tear

+1 Phyrexian Revoker

This is day 98 of’s 2017 Deck of the Day column, where each day we’ll feature a different Standard, Modern, or Legacy deck that caught our eye. You can read day 97 here, where we featured a Modern staple that uses the graveyard to full effect.

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