U/G Cloudpost by Tony Murata at SCG Worcester – 6th

Creatures (7)
4 Primeval Titan
1 Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
1 Kozilek, Butcher of Truth
1 Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger

Non-Creature Spells (27)
1 Ugin, the Spirit Dragon
2 Candelabra of Tawnos
1 Engineered Explosives
2 Expedition Map
3 Pithing Needle
4 Sensei’s Divining Top
4 Brainstorm
3 Crop Rotation
3 Repeal
4 Show and Tell

Lands (26)
1 Forest
1 Island
1 Bojuka Bog
1 Cavern of Souls
4 Cloudpost
1 Glacial Chasm
4 Glimmerpost
4 Misty Rainforest
4 Tropical Island
3 Vesuva
1 Eye of Ugin
1 Karakas

Sideboard (15)
3 Flusterstorm
4 Force of Will
2 Krosan Grip
2 Surgical Extraction
2 Trickbind
2 The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale


Decidedly too good for Modern, Cloudpost has been forced to make a home for itself in Legacy. While certainly not a tier 1 deck, U/G Cloudpost (or its other names, such as TitanPost or 12-Post) pops up every now and again to show how powerful ramp from lands can be.

Primarily, the deck wants to get multiple copies of Cloudpost in play and use the mana they produce (alongside Candelabra of Tawnos) to cast Primeval Titan, which finds more copies of the powerful land, which then allows you to cast big Eldrazi that take over the game quickly. Secondarily, however, this deck is also a Show and Tell deck, meaning it has a secondary line of attack that is very potent in the early game, and forces the opponent to interact with it quickly or die.

As a Crop Rotation, Expedition Map, Primeval Titan deck, U/G Cloudpost gets to play several impactful lands at little to no cost. Bojuka Bog is a necessary evil against Dredge and Reanimator (and has good applications against unknowing Storm pilots), Glacial Chasm buys you an impressive amount of time against aggressive decks, Eye of Ugin lets you search up powerful Eldrazi once mana is no longer a problem, Karakas gives you game against Sneak & Show decks, and the sideboarded copies of The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale is perhaps the most powerful of all of the aforementioned lands, as it can single-handedly deny your opponent board progression turn after turn.

The sideboard of this deck allows it to more or less transform into a ramp-control deck when needed. Flusterstorm and Force of Will are means to this end. Surgical Extraction gives more graveyard hate beyond the Bojuka Bog, while Krosan Grip gives you an excellent catch-all against cards like Ensnaring Bridge. Trickbind is an interesting inclusion, but I’m inclined to believe that the “getcha” quality of the card comes up more than I think, and that it merits inclusion.

One of the main draws to U/G Cloudpost for Legacy players is its positive matchup against Miracles, the de facto best deck in the format. Counterbalance is a joke of a card against Primeval Titan, and one singular Eldrazi is usually enough to get the job done. Additionally, a single Eye of Ugin is usually game over for Miracles, as they simply can’t have a counter spell for each Eldrazi you’re going to find with it.

Here are the changes I would make going forward:


-1 Pithing Needle

-1 Repeal

+1 Crop Rotation

+1 Expedition Map


-1 Flusterstorm

-2 Krosan Grip

+3 Blue Elemental Blast

This is day 100 of Spellsnare.com’s 2017 Deck of the Day column, where each day we’ll feature a different Standard, Modern, or Legacy deck that caught our eye. You can read day 99 here, where we featured another Legacy deck that is looking to rise from the ashes and put up results in big tournament again.

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