4-Color Copycat by petomartinez on MtGO

Creatures (17)
4 Felidar Guardian
2 Glorybringer
4 Rogue Refiner
4 Servant of the Conduit
3 Whirler Virtuoso

Non-Creature Spells (23)
2 Chandra, Torch of Defiance
1 Nahiri, the Harbinger
2 Nissa, Steward of Elements
4 Saheeli Rai
4 Attune with Aether
4 Harnessed Lightning
2 Oath of Chandra
4 Oath of Nissa

Lands (20)
4 Aether Hub
4 Botanical Sanctum
5 Forest
1 Game Trail
1 Island
2 Mountain
1 Plains
2 Spirebluff Canal

Sideboard (15)
1 Oath of Chandra
2 Authority of the Consuls
2 Bristling Hydra
2 Manglehorn
1 Natural Obsolescence
3 Negate
1 Shock
1 Skysovereign, Consul Flagship
2 Tireless Tracker


Woohoo! We can finally start dissecting some Amonkhet decklists! I’m super excited to have a fresh, new format to dive into after the Standard bannings that definitely happened on Monday… Wait, don’t tell me that they didn’t ban Felidar Guardian? That’s ridiculous! We’re just going to be seeing 4-Color Copycat dominate the format until they do something about it! In all seriousness, a ban was desperately needed, but not given.

So, it’s now a good idea to look at what Amonkhet can add to the combo deck, which is exactly what we’ll be doing today after the first Amonkhet decklists on MtGO were released. I won’t be giving my usual breakdown of the important cards and synergies as I usually do, since most people are already too familiar with this deck, so instead I’ll be talking about the impact of the Amonkhet cards that are in this list.

Right off the bat, we see that Nissa, Steward of Elements was included as a mainboard 2-of in this deck. For a deck that’s always looking to get the most value out of its slots, it definitely says a lot that Nissa immediately found her way into this deck. Nissa has several meaningful functions in this deck. Firstly, the +2 ability helps filter draws, which 4-Color Copycat could always use more of. The 0 ability represents a semi-reliable source of card advantage for the deck. 4-Color Copycat can easily function as a value-grind deck that curves out at 4, so it doesn’t take a lot of loyalty for Nissa, Steward of Elements to turn into Phyrexian Arena.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Nissa fits into any weak point in the curve. 4-Color can sometimes waste mana or turns waiting for its more powerful cards to come down. Nissa solves this problem by giving you a meaningful, proactive threat to deploy in various situations.

Glorybringer is the other mainboard inclusion in this deck from Amonkhet, and this is a card that excites me a lot. The 4/4 flying haste body is nothing to scoff at on its own, especially in a format that’s dominated and dictated by planeswalkers, and the tacked on ability is very powerful.

When combined with Felidar Guardian or Saheeli Rai, Glorybringer‘s Exert ability becomes free, which turns it into a creature with unrivaled power in Standard. It also shifts the deck in a slightly more proactive direction, limiting the percentage of draws that can be described as “awkward” or “durdly”, which can only be a good thing for the deck.

In the sideboard, Manglehorn is a surprisingly impactful sideboard card in the mirror match and against Mardu Vehicles. In the mirror, it stops the Copycat combo in its tracks, as Saheeli Rai‘s copies are artifacts. In this way it mirrors the effect of Authority of the Consuls, but is obviously more prone to removal spells that the mirror match is already playing like Harnessed Lightning or Oath of Chandra.

Against Mardu Vehicles, it’s a much more reactive card, as none of Mardu’s vehicles have haste. That being said, it’s still excellent against Heart of Kiran and the ability to flicker or copy it forces Mardu to remove it before deploying another vehicle.

Here are the changes I would make going forward:


-1 Spirebluff Canal

-1 Forest

+1 Sheltered Thicket

+1 Scattered Groves


-1 Oath of Chandra

-1 Natural Obsolescence

-1 Shock

+1 Dissenter’s Deliverance

+2 Magma Spray

This is day 116 of Spellsnare.com’s 2017 Deck of the Day column, where each day we’ll feature a different Standard, Modern, or Legacy deck that caught our eye. You can read day 115 here, where we updated an Aether Revolt Standard deck with some new tools from Amonkhet.

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