Jund Scapeshift by ORS on MtGO

Creatures (4)
4 Sakura-Tribe Elder

Non-Creature Spells (31)
1 Liliana of the Veil
1 Cultivate
1 Damnation
4 Dark Petition
4 Inquisition of Kozilek
4 Scapeshift
4 Search for Tomorrow
4 Abrupt Decay
4 Fatal Push
4 Terminate

Lands (25)
4 Blood Crypt
3 Forest
2 Mountain
4 Overgrown Tomb
4 Stomping Ground
2 Swamp
2 Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle
4 Verdant Catacombs

Sideboard (15)
2 Boseiju, Who Shelters All
1 Crumble to Dust
4 Duress
4 Grave Titan
1 Painful Truths
2 Thoughtseize
1 Wurmcoil Engine



Since its unbanning in Modern, Scapeshift has proven itself as a very viable, if not meta-dependent, option in the format. As an effective 1 card combo, Scapeshift allows you to build your deck in a number of different ways. Previous versions of this deck have been Temur, R/G, and 4-Color featuring Bring to Light. The list we’re featuring today is Jund, which branches the deck out and makes it more focused on controlling the board until it’s ready to combo.

Like any Scapeshift deck, this deck has a set of ramp spells to get up to 7 lands and cast Scapeshift (Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle + 6 mountains = 18 damage). Those ramp spells are Sakura-Tribe Elder, Cultivate, and Search for Tomorrow. Sakura-Tribe Elder‘s additional utility as a creature that can attack or block and still sacrifice makes it a valuable member of the deck.

Most Scapeshift decks operate as control decks that eventually draw into a copy of the 4 mana sorcery, but this deck wants to go much faster. It plays the full playset of Scapeshift and a full playset of Dark Petition. Dark Petition is a very reliable tutor effect, and this deck has no problems casting instants and sorceries on the early turns of the game. It’s slightly awkward that the mana that Petition generates is all black, meaning that you can’t use all 3 mana on the Scapeshift you tutor for.

Because this deck ventures into black, it gains access to several impactful discard spells and removal spells. Inquisition of Kozilek is the only dedicated discard spell in this deck. It has several good uses in this deck, either nabbing a counter spell to force through your Scapeshift or stunting your opponent’s development, buying you enough time to get to Scapeshift. The removal spells this deck has access to are Abrupt Decay, Fatal Push, and Terminate. Each has their strengths and weaknesses, but are all arguably the best and most efficient removal spells in the format.

The sideboard of this deck is very concerned with playing the long game against control or grindy midrange decks. Boseiju, Who Shelters All, Duress, and Thoughtseize are all excellent against the counter-heavy decks that are popping up more in the format, while Grave Titan, Painful Truths, and Wurmcoil Engine are all excellent sources of card advantage that let this deck bury the slower, grind-focused decks in cards.

Here are the changes I would make going forward:


-1 Liliana of the Veil

+1 Damnation


-1 Crumble to Dust

+1 Painful Truths

This is day 184 of Spellsnare.com’s 2017 Deck of the Day column, where each day we’ll feature a different Standard, Modern, or Legacy deck that caught our eye. You can read day 183 here, where we featured a Modern deck that takes a very unconventional route to victory.

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