Tainted Pact Singleton by lpettro on MtGO

Creatures (11)
1 Baleful Strix
1 Bedlam Reveler
1 Deathrite Shaman
1 Delver of Secrets
1 Eternal Scourge
1 Gurmag Angler
1 Snapcaster Mage
1 Spellstutter Sprite
1 True-Name Nemesis
1 Vendilion Clique
1 Young Pyromancer

Non-Creature Spells (28)
1 Jace, the Mind Sculptor
1 Liliana of the Veil
1 Cabal Therapy
1 Duress
1 Forked Bolt
1 Gitaxian Probe
1 Inquisition of Kozilek
1 Night’s Whisper
1 Ponder
1 Preordain
1 Thoughtseize
1 Toxic Deluge
1 Brainstorm
1 Disrupt
1 Fatal Push
1 Fire // Ice
1 Force of Will
1 Izzet Charm
1 Kolaghan’s Command
1 Lightning Bolt
1 Pyroblast
1 Spell Pierce
1 Spell Snare
2 Tainted Pact
1 Engineered Explosives
1 Nihil Spellbomb
1 Pithing Needle

Lands (21)
1 Arid Mesa
1 Badlands
1 Blackcleave Cliffs
1 Bloodstained Mire
1 Creeping Tar Pit
1 Darkslick Shores
1 Flooded Strand
1 Island
1 Marsh Flats
1 Mishra’s Factory
1 Mountain
1 Polluted Delta
1 River of Tears
1 Scalding Tarn
1 Snow-Covered Island
1 Snow-Covered Swamp
1 Spirebluff Canal
1 Swamp
1 Underground Sea
1 Volcanic Island
1 Wasteland

Sideboard (15)
1 Darkblast
1 Dread of Night
1 Engineered Plague
1 Extirpate
1 Grafdigger’s Cage
1 Invasive Surgery
1 Leyline of the Void
1 Mindbreak Trap
1 Nature’s Ruin
1 Null Rod
1 Perish
1 Red Elemental Blast
1 Surgical Extraction
1 Thorn of Amethyst
1 Tormod’s Crypt


No, you’re not seeing double or…err…septuagintuple (I kid you not that’s a word, look it up, it’s the single, double, or triple variant for 70x). This deck quite literally has 74 unique cards. And there’s quite a simple reason for this. When you have every single card in your deck as a 1-of, the oddly worded card Tainted Pact suddenly becomes an instant-speed Demonic Tutor. Even through the 1-ofs, the overarching strategy of this deck can be seen, and it very closely resembles a classic blue midrange deck. Rather than going over all of the cards in the deck, I’ll be touching on the ones that are unexpected or otherwise interesting inclusions.

Eternal Scourge is much more than a recursive 3/3 for 3 in this deck, as it’s frequently exiled through Tainted Pact, effectively giving you 2 cards for one. Bedlam Reveler gives this deck access to an additional 3 cards late in the game if it has run out of cards for as little as 2 mana, all while adding a solid 3/4 prowess beater to the board. Spellstutter Sprite is very frequently just a Force Spike on a creature, but the presence of Vendilion Clique (and the Mutavault that I’ll be adding at the end of the article) makes it a more powerful counter spell + creature option.

Duress is usually deemed too narrow for Legacy mainboards, as many of the format’s most important cards are creatures, but only having 1 in the deck that can be searched for helps mitigate this downside. Disrupt is a very obscure card that demands you catch the opponent with no mana available, but has the upside of replacing itself. Pyroblast is almost exclusively a sideboard card in Legacy due to its narrow nature, but once again being able to play only 1 and search for it makes it a powerful card to search for.

Here are the changes I would make going forward:


-1 River of Tears

+1 Mutavault


-1 Leyline of the Void

+1 Painful Truths

This is day 242 of Spellsnare.com’s 2017 Deck of the Day column, where each day we’ll feature a different Standard, Modern, or Legacy deck that caught our eye. You can read day 241 here, where we featured a Legacy deck that combines a classic blue midrange deck with a combo too powerful for Modern.

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