U/B Pirates by giorno211 on MtGO

Creatures (23)
4 Fathom Fleet Captain
2 Gifted Aetherborn
1 Gonti, Lord of Luxury
4 Hostage Taker
4 Kitesail Freebooter
4 Metallic Mimic
4 Siren Stormtamer

Non-Creature Spells (13)
2 Walk the Plank
4 Fatal Push
4 Lookout’s Dispersal
3 Siren’s Ruse

Lands (24)
4 Drowned Catacomb
4 Fetid Pools
3 Ifnir Deadlands
7 Island
6 Swamp

Sideboard (15)
2 Gifted Aetherborn
1 Gonti, Lord of Luxury
1 Aethersphere Harvester
2 Duress
1 Essence Extraction
1 Essence Scatter
3 Negate
1 Ruin Raider
1 Scavenger Grounds
1 The Scarab God
1 Vraska’s Contempt


Ixalan brought a lot of new and interesting cards into the Standard mix, but some players have been disappointed that tribal decks haven’t quite broken through yet. Dinosaurs, Pirates, Vampires, and Merfolk all provide exciting tribes for Standard players to build around, and many thought that we may have to wait for Rivals of Ixalan to build a viable Standard tribal deck, but perhaps not! The deck we’re featuring today is really the first stab we’ve seen at a tribal Pirates deck in Standard.

One of the main defining features of all good tribal decks is creatures that reward you for playing the archetype. In this deck, Fathom Fleet Captain takes advantage of other pirates, using up excess mana to create additional pirates. Metallic Mimic has been the go-to tribal enabler in Standard since it was printed, and for good reason. It makes the creatures in this deck larger, which is especially powerful given this deck’s ability to get a bunch of smaller creatures onto the board.

As for the other creatures in this deck, not all of them are pirates, but a good chunk are. Siren Stormtamer is a good evasive 1 mana creature that protects this deck’s more important creatures from removal spells. Kitesail Freebooter nabs the oppponent’s best non-creature non-land in their hand and adds another evasive body to the board. Hostage Taker is the marquee pirate in this format, playing extremely well to the board and using the opponent’s cards against them. To supplement the pirates, this deck uses Gifted Aetherborn and Gonti, Lord of Luxury to stop aggressive decks in their track and effectively compete with midrange and control decks in the long game, respectively.

Fatal Push and Walk the Plank are the removal spells in this deck, and they’re very likely the best cheap removal spells this color combination has access to. Lookout’s Dispersal offers this deck a very powerful counter spell that rewards this deck for playing a slew of pirates. Once a pirate is on the board, Dispersal counters almost everything in the format into the mid and sometimes late game. Lastly, Siren’s Ruse offers this deck a great way of protecting its creatures against opposition removal spells, all while offering an additional card, making it quite card advantageous when it’s positioned correctly.

Here are the changes I would make going forward:


-1 Gonti, Lord of Luxury

+1 Walk the Plank


-1 Essence Extraction

-1 Essence Scatter

-1 Ruin Raider

+1 The Scarab God

+1 Gonti, Lord of Luxury

+1 Aethersphere Harvester

This is day 364 of Spellsnare.com’s 2017 Deck of the Day column, where each day we’ll feature a different Standard, Modern, or Legacy deck that caught our eye. You can read day 363 here, where we featured a Modern deck that looks to play to the board and gain a big mana advantage over its opponent.

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